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leaving the bitter DC weather behind
Daily Hawaiian Essentials 🌴
- Leigh (local flower shop)
- Turquoise Leather Travel Journal (UO)
- Inspirational Coaster (Waimea Beach House) 
- Macadamia nut sticky bun
- Go Pro Camera Black Edition (REI)
- Fujifilm Instax Mini, loaded (Walmart) 
- Favorite sunglasses of the day (Nastygal)
- French Vanilla Body Wash
- Mini Instax of the day (Jada Roams on the balcony 
- Wallet $$$
Guess who’s back…

Aloha followers or whoever is actually paying attention to my abandoned page.
Sorry for being M.I.A. for an overly extended period of time, but a little thing called “Senior year of college” took over my life. The good news is that this semester is finally over and I’m baaaaaaaaaaack :)

Now that college life is coming to an end and I’m about to be kicked into the real world, I think I want to actually take this …seriously.   o_o

Oh yes, shocker. But tis the season to give it my all.

I’ve finally come to reality with the fact that I’m not the girl who’s destined to be stuck behind a desk because I’m a genius mastermind (even though I really am), but I’m a free spirited explorer, intoxicated by wanderlust, who just so happens to have a roaming heart.

Living off the wealth of life, love and traveling is my calling.
Objects don’t make me happy, roaming the world does.

And to celebrate my new state of seriousness, cheers to an upcoming new year of exploring and new beginnings with a bouquet of baby’s breath and a new logo.

Stay tuned, for not only more photo’s, but also new travel gifs, videos & more.



@rock_yo_rizos for @NaturalSince_
by: yours truly, @JadaRoams
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the dynamic duo - barcelona, spain
(ari / jada)
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this photo makes my body literally ache for this experience. I want to him there so bad. Yeaaaarning

^^ omfg yes same here like im here in my bed blogging WHILE I COULD BE FKING RIGHT THERE HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE 
i hope the person in the pic appreciated that moment there WHY ISNT HE/SHE JUMPING INTO THE WATER IT LOOKS SO GOOD??+
at Barcelona, Spain
at Barcelona, Spain